about us

about us

Our History

Peyman Toos Machine-Building Unit is the only machine-building unit in Khorasan Province that goes through all the stages of designing and manufacturing a machine. This means that first each machine must be designed by the best production process conditions by food industry experts and then the machine is designed based on the production process design plan and all executive drawings are collected and the machine is made based on it. Thus, all parts remain in the company’s archives, which in the future will be easily accessible for after-sales service. In this way, customers can prepare and send the desired part by contacting Peyman Toos Machine-Building Company with only one number. This service (after-sales service) is the seller’s commitment for up to 10 years.

about us

Mission and vision

Peyman Toos Machine-Building Company, with the successful executive records of its managers, is active in the industrial sector, and by utilizing the engineering power of experienced and specialized experts, declares its interest and readiness to cooperate.

  • Mayonnaise machinery
  • Detergentsproduction line
  • Jam linesmachinery
  • Date juice, honeyproduction line

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Customers comments

Thanks for the support of Peyman Toos Company


I handed over the canned food production line to Peyman Toos collection and I am very satisfied and satisfied with this cooperation.

alireza bahrami

The price and cost for us was more ideal than other machinery companies due to the cooperation with Peyman Toos Group. I really miss you.



Our results

A look at the customer satisfaction statistics of Peyman Toos Machine Building Company

130+Satisfied customers
39Manufactured machines
57production lines
425+Total number of projects

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What is the production line of tomato paste like?

Tomato paste and fruit puree line machines are very close to each other and in some cases can be used in the same way. Which includes machines for washing and sorting tomatoes and shredders.

What is the canning line production process like?

First, the beans should be threshed, sanded and washed. Due to the fact that most of the beans used for canning and so on are not cleaned, so the beans should be cleaned first and then washed and prepared for canning. Primary washing

What production line and machinery is produced in Peyman Toos Company?

Tomato paste production line
Canned production line
Fruit puree production line
Crushed sugar production line
Sugar production line from sugar

Alkyd resin production line
Jam production line
Pickled cucumber production line
Pomegranate juice production line

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